Feb 17, 2013

Beau and Bow Shower

I had my last baby shower this weekend.  Once again I was not disappointed!  I have the most creative and generous friends a girl could ask for.  The theme of this shower was Beau and Bow. I love how they incorporated girly things for Ellie and boyish stuff for Graham.  It was simply perfect!
 Buttoned up mushrooms and tickled pink shrimp.
 They even found Gluten Free bowtie pasta!
 Cheese having twins!!
Ellie's Pink Lemonade with pink bows.
Graham's Blueberry Tea with Mustache straws.
They even got Gluten Free cupcakes from my favorite place!
Each guest was asked to write down some advice on these cute cards and read them while I was opening their gift.
Some of my favorite answers were....
I hope you grow: "great heads of hair like your dad"
I hope you learn to: "like my voice because I talk to your mom a lot"
I hope you learn to: "talk to Jesus"
I hope you never forget: "to brush & floss"
I hope you love: "your parents friends"

I was definitely "showered" with lots of goodies for the twins.  I received a good combination of adorable outfits and practical items off our registry.  I still get so excited seeing all the new baby gear and all the matching outfits:)
 We even got Bon Jovi's Baby lullaby CD!!
I hope these babies know how much they are loved already by so many people.
Me and Emily.
 Me, Lillian, Stefanie and Katie
 Me with my Bonus Mom and Mother-in-law.
 Gwynne and I only weeks apart!
 Me and Katie.
 Me and Rachel.
All my wonderful hosts (minus Traci who couldn't make it and I missed so much!!!).
Before each guests left they signed one of my favorite books and took home rice krispy treats!
My thank you gift to the hosts was a bottle of champagne and a bottle of "baby's breath" nail polish.
The Champagne had a note that read "Keep this bottle chilled and ready, for when you get the call please pop the cork to celebrate the arrival of Graham and Ellie!
Can't believe how fast time has gone and that all my showers are over and its almost time for these babies to arrive.  We are just feeling so blessed to be surrounded by so many family and friends who already love them so much!

Feb 16, 2013

POP and 2nd Trimester!

For Christmas I bought Ryan a popcorn maker.  We are trying to not eat processed bagged popcorn, but really miss having it so I thought this was the perfect solution.  We can now control the amount of butter and salt.  I have to say this is way better than any bagged microwave popcorn I have ever had!
And I too have now "Popped"!
Here is a comparison to me at 7 weeks and 7 months...

The second Trimester has been crazy!  I have kept busy and have by no means slowed down...although I probably should!  We traveled almost every weekend between the holidays, football games and mini vacations with friends.
The twins are doing amazing and continue to grow ahead of schedule.  They move constantly and we have even captured the movements on video.
Week 15: Wore maternity pants for the first time.  Also started experiencing heartburn:(
Week 17: Celebrated Thanksgiving.  I felt the babies move for the first time!
Week 18:
Ellie: Heartbeat 143.  This is probably my favorite ultra sound pic yet.  Ellie is waving at the camera:)

Graham: Heartbeat 149
Week 20: Ryan put the cribs together.  Its pretty cool to see two cribs in the nursery:)
Week 21: Celebrated Christmas.  The twins even got a few presents.  I feel like this is when I finally "popped" too.
Week 22:
Ellie: Heartbeat 141.  Another great ultra sound pic.  Graham kept kicking her during this appointment and you can see his foot right against her face in this picture...just a preview of whats to come I'm sure:)

Graham: Heartbeat 153
Week 23: We celebrated the New Year with friends at Kiawah Island.
Week 24:  Went to Atlanta Mart to shop for clothes for the twins at the "cash and carry" sale with Holly!  So fun to shop for matching boy and girl outfits!!
Weeks 25-27 were full of baby showers and football games and even traveling to New Orleans for the Super Bowl!
Week 26:  We had our first 3D ultrasound.  These took a while and didn't turn out great since they were moving so much and on top of each other.
Ellie: Heartbeat 127 and measuring around 2lbs 3oz
Graham: Heartbeat 147 and measuring 2lbs 6oz
Week 28:
Probably the worst part of my pregnancy...the gestational diabetes test.  I failed the 1 hour and had to take the long one....awful experience.  This drink (yuck)

...gave me the biggest sugar headache and sitting in the waiting room for 4 hours not allowed to eat or drink anything was the most uncomfortable thing.  I keep telling myself, if this is the worst part, then I have it pretty good:)  At least its over and I passed the second test and do NOT have gestational diabetes despite my huge sweet tooth!
This pregnancy is going by way too quickly.  Although we are both so anxious to meet our little ones, we still have a lot to do before they arrive!  Our goal is to make it to April 3rd so fingers crossed!!

Feb 7, 2013

Super Bowl 47

The past week has been crazy!!!  We are huge 49ers fans (since one of our best friends plays for them) and got a chance of a lifetime to go to the Super Bowl in New Orleans, LA!!!  After two Dr visits to get approval to go, we hit the road (now that I am in the 3rd trimester, I was not able to fly).  We drove through lots of states along the way....
We even got to stop in Birmingham and catch up with one of my college friends Allie!
After stopping for dinner and staying the night in Tuscaloosa, AL we woke up Saturday morning and made the rest of the journey to New Orleans!
We ended up renting a house with Rebecca, William, George and Lillian.  When we arrived they had the cutest arrival table set up along with lots of New Orleans treats!
Ryan and I decided to take a cab to the French Quarter and check it out.  It was probably the coolest cab ride ever....kinda like the show cash cab.  He gave us a score card and asked us Super Bowl trivia!  Ryan was pretty good and we even got a prize at the end of the ride...great way to start our time in NOLA!
After shopping and checking out the city we had lunch at the Gumbo Shop.
We then headed to Pat O'Brian's for Hurricanes!
Once it got dark we got a good taste of the real New Orleans!  Mardi Gras is in a week so things are already picking up around there.
Dinner at Bourbon House....
The next day....Super Bowl Sunday we went to a brunch with the 49ers team and family.  Good food and gospel music...great way to start Super Bowl Sunday!
We were then given our passes and tickets!!
We headed to the game early to watch Andy practice and soak in all the festivities.
Ryan got an alligator boudin sausage dog....looked amazing!
Half time was amazing!  That is when you realize you are at the Super Bowl!
The lights going out in the dome was pretty scary.  It was interesting to watch all the security quickly escorting celebrities/politicians out!  After a brief interruption the lights came back on and the 49ers made the second half a lot more interesting.  

Although they didn't win, it was an amazing experience.  Hopefully next year they can go all they way!!!!  Also no more road trips for this pregnant lady:)  Spending the next two months nesting and getting ready for these sweet babies to arrive!