Jul 25, 2011

Six girls, a beach, a book...and a little more!

Since moving to Charlotte I have met some amazing girls!  The past weekend I got a break from packing and drove down to the beach with some of my new girlfriends! We stayed at Beth's parents amazing beach house in Wilmington, NC.
It was a hot weekend so we spent a lot of time in the pool!
Most of these girls I met in book club and we were all trying to get some reading done while bathing in the sun.  Our current book is Cutting for Stone...so far its really good!
The last night we all got dressed up and went out for a nice night on the town.
Here is me and Traci...my roomie:)

Me and Beth...thanks again for the amazing weekend!

Group shot....Traci, Beth, Ashley, Simpson, Emily and Me!
Thanks for a fun weekend girls....now back to reality...and packing....


  1. Seantini! Cute pictures, looks like y'all had a blast! I love your dress and your friend's purple-patterned one too(Beth I think)! Where did y'all find them?!
    Hope to see y'all very soon, I know the big move is coming up so we're looking forward to a visit!

  2. My dress is from Anthropologie:)

  3. P.S. That comment was from me, Beccaboo :) I figured you may have guessed that since I called you Tini haha