Mar 31, 2014

No more bottles!!!!!

Ryan and I have never liked bottles.  Drinking bottles kept our babies in the NICU for two extra weeks.  Everyday we counted how many minutes it took them to drink and how many cc's they drank.  The next day during Dr rounds they would give us a percentage of the volume consumed by bottle vs feeding tube and until it was over 90% for a week we could not leave.  We loathed bottles early on.  Then Graham had acid reflux.....we started to really hate bottles!  When they were old enough to roll around it was near impossible to get two babies to sit still long enough to drink a bottle!  We have been counting down the days until we could get rid of the bottle!  We were so eager that we didn't even transition....we just made the switch cold turkey!  Out with the formula and bottles and in with the whole milk and sippy cups!
 Here we are feeding the twins bottles in the NICU...we have come a long way since then!

It took the twins a day or so to get used to cold milk out of a sippy cup or straw, but we stuck to it and now they love it!

So many friends suggested slowly transitioning and slowly eliminating one once of formula for milk at a glad we just ripped off the bandaid and made the switch all at once!  They love drinking out of the big kid straw cup and holding it themselves.  Now when they wake up from afternoon nap and we leave the house I can even give them water in the the straw cup in the car!  Anything that gets us out of the house quicker and makes them more self efficient I am all for!!!  I used to run the dishwasher every other night because we needed to wash we run it every 4-5 days!  Normally I am really sad when they outgrow something....but in this case not one tear was shed!

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