Aug 19, 2014

Daily Routine 17 Months

I often have people ask about our schedule and its fun to look back at some other blog posts and remember how our days used to be.  So here were are at 17 months and we are on the verge of a schedule change with summer coming to an end and "school" about to start!  So here is how our day looked today:
Ryan woke up at 6:45 to take a shower and get ready for work.  I was really tired and laid there for a few more minutes.  I got up at 6:56.  I made the bead, put my contacts in and headed to the kitchen.  I got the kids breakfast and milk ready and made us some coffee.
7:16 Ryan leaves for work.  I sit down to eat breakfast and have some coffee while watching the Today Show.
I also choose a few toys for them to play with.  We have a little storage in the living room where we keep toys.  I have found if all the toys are out the twins don't play with them....if I choose a few different toys every day and lay them out, they play with them all day!
 7:42 The twinkies are awake.  I go in there room and change diapers.  We head to the living room to drink milk and snuggle.

8:02 time for another diaper change:)
8:16 breakfast time.  This morning they are having yogurt (I combine a baby yogurt and greek yogurt so its not as sweet/sugary) pancakes (I make huge batches and freeze) and blueberries.  While they eat I refill diapers and wipes and clean up the kitchen a little.  Then I decide to sweep so I give the kids some cantaloupe and turn on Chuggington so they will sit for a bit longer!

9:02 Done with breakfast and time to play!  We are learning to share:)
Fish faces!
9:32 Nap time.  Twinkies still love their morning nap and so do I!  While they nap I take a shower, pack their lunch and water the flowers.

11:10 I wake them up because we are meeting friends at the park at 11:30 and I don't want to be late.
11:30-12:50 Play at the park and have a picnic!

 11:30 I unload them and let them walk into nice to not always have to unload the stroller now!
 We swing and slide for a bit and then have a picnic.
 Freedom park has a Panthers obstacle course set up that the kids love to play in.

 The twins took a red carpet pic with their friend Elizabeth.
12:50 load kids up to head home.
12:58 Earth Fare run because we are almost out of milk!  They decided to blow raspberries the entire way and they think its hilarious.

 We got a little more than milk.....

1:20 get home and drink milk while I unload the car and read some books.
1:32 Nap time.  During naps I usually clean and cook. Today I mop (since I was able to sweep while they ate breakfast).  Then I sit down to eat lunch and watch some tv while the floors dry.  We pack our lunch the night before- usually leftovers, chicken salad, a salad or turkey roll ups.  Today its turkey apple and brie roll ups....

This lasts all of 20 min....then I get up and wash all the fruits and veggies we picked up at the store and run the dishwasher.  I return some emails and talk to my bestie on the phone for a bit.  Then I start dinner prep.  Today we are making shrimp with a marinated white bean salad.  I go ahead and make the white bean salad so all we have to do is grill shrimp later!
3:42 Ellie wakes up.  I sneak in and get her so G can keep sleeping.  I also love this one on one time with them.
4:03 Graham is awake.  Ellie and I go in to get him, change diapers and get ready for another park play date!
 4:10 We load up and head to the park.  The park is a lot more fun these days, but I get a full on work out!
 Grahams favorite thing to do is climp to the highest part and laugh at me trying to coach him down the slide..."sit down", "feet first remember", "Graham come down the slide!"

 Here is Ellie with sweet Kate.
 5:15 Head home!  Ryan is here when we get home and we play for a bit and then finish making dinner.  Most nights we try to give the kids what we are eating.  Tonight we decide to give them quinoa cakes (again I make a batch and keep in the freezer) and white beans with fruit and veggies.
 We are working on using a fork too!
 Lots of clapping during meal times these days....sometimes they clap after each bite, so proud of themselves!
 After dinner we like to talk to them and work on all our "tricks".   "Where is your nose?"
 She is so funny!
 Bath time!  One of us gives them a bath while the other cleans the kitchen.
 Crazy hair!
 6:34 out of the bath and into pjs.
After bath time we sometimes go on a walk or play and watch tv.  Tonight we water plants, swing and pick some figs off our tree.

7:25 Brush teeth, read Pete the Cat (new fav book) and go night night!  
By 7:35 Ryan and I are usually sitting on the couch with a glass of wine watching tv!  We also prep for the next day....pick up toys, make lunches, prep coffee and breakfast.  We usually head to bed around 10....mama needs her beauty sleep!


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