Oct 24, 2017

Mountain Weekend

Two weekends ago we decided to have a family weekend around sports and the mountains.  We started with taking the kids to a Hornets basketball game!

When we were at the concession stands we got asked to participate in the half time activity.  They picked 4 four year olds to do a shooting contest.  We went "backstage" to meet the hype team and fill out forms and then waited for the kiddos big moment.

 Then the kids came out and right as the announcer yelled "Lets give it up for Bobo" he drained a shot and the crowd cheered.  I mean what a moment! He was on cloud nine for days after this!
 Ellie was adorable as well, but didn't make her shot.
 She did get a lot of big screen time!
 Thursday Bobo came home with the class "pet" Hippie!

 We had to document and take him everywhere with us.

 He got to go to Bobo's t-ball game and Ellie babysat!

 After his game we headed to the mountains for the rest of the weekend!

 This is the twins first time at the Grove Park Inn and they of course loved it!

 We spent a lot of time by the big fires, went on a few hikes, and explored alot!

 We made a pit stop downtown to eat lunch, shop and get a drink at Wicked Weed.

 Then back to the hotel to watch the state football game and swim!

 The final day we had perfect fall weather.

 We drove about an hour outside of Asheville and stopped at several spots to admire the view.

 We ended at Mount Mitchell which is the highest point in North Carolina.

 Loved our quick little get away right before a busy couple weeks ahead!

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