Nov 22, 2010

Swept Away

Ryan has been a Student at UNC Dental School for 4 years now....and all 4 years NCSU has beaten UNC in football.  He pointed out to me that, along with some of the Senior Football players, they have "swept" UNC since they won all four years!!  We have been to all four games and the final one really did "sweep" us away!!
Here is a hilarious video of Jarvis Williams using an actual broom to sweep the UNC field after the win:)  (The entire video is fun to watch, but the part with Jarvis is around 1:40).
Here we are after a long eventful game:)
Here are some of the guys celebrating 4 years in a row after our win!
There was a lot of red in the stadium!!
We did have to get to tailgate with all Carolina fans who were wonderful host and good sports after we won.  Thanks Modlin's for a fun day!
Hope we keep this streak going next year even though Ryan will no longer be a student at his rival school!

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