Nov 6, 2017


 We unfortunately didn't make it to the pumpkin patch with our friends this year, but I did take the kids a few times.

 We had a blast playing, riding on the hay ride, sipping apple cider slushies and picking out lots of pumpkins!

 We waited until the week of Halloween to actually carve a pumpkin, but let the kids decorate one using this spider kit early.  I swear they like this more than the carving.

We carved the pumpkin on my birthday and made lots of different pumpkin seed flavors.

 Ellie is very into pictures lately (wonder where she gets that haha) and constantly takes pictures.  I love this because I am rarely in the pictures and it is fun to open up my camera and find random surprise pics!
We attended our clubs annual Halloween party.  Another party, another hay ride.
 These two love to dress up together and have been saying they wanted to be the ninja turtles since last Halloween.

 This is our 5th Halloween and our fifth year taking this same photo with the Shwedo family.  I am such a sucker for traditions!
 On Halloween night our neighborhood gets together for a party and everyone brings a dish.  I made this with the kids.  We call it the throw up guac!
We went with a family theme again this year, although Ryan and I could have stepped up the costume a bit better than just the mask.

 Hornets basketball player, Cody Zeller, moved onto our street last month and made it to the party too!  The twins were so excited he gave out full size KitKat bars.

 Before trick or treating we take a group pic of the kids and then they all go down our street together.  I just love this holiday.  Every year I feel the same way...I think my kids are going to be overwhelmed and crazy and instead it is a very fun family night.  After about 10-15 houses we slowed down behind the big group and just the four of us and we just had the best night!
 We were all sad when we had to stop and go home....
 The kids scored alot of good lets just try not to eat it all!!

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