Sep 20, 2019

Grasse and Cannes, France

We spent the last leg of the trip in France.  We made Nice our home base and rented another great condo.   Our first day there we headed to Grasse, France and the kids took a perfume workshop at the Molinard Perfumery where they not only learned about the process of making a scent, but were able to create their own! 
 After learning how perfume was made they were able to smell lots of different scents and practice combining two to see how it changed the smell. 

 Then they were able to choose their favorites and combine them into their own signiture scent!  They had the best time doing this!! They were so proud of their creations.

Next we headed to Cannes, France for lunch!  We ate at Maema right on the beach.

 Next we drove to Château d’Esclans where they produce Whispering Angel Rose.  We went on a private tour followed by a tasting of all their rose's.   I could not believe how many other amazing Rose's they make!  I can't wait for them all to make their way to the States!  We learned that the Whispering Angel is known for making Rose popular in the U.S.  They went from around 100 thousand bottles of production in 2006 to over 8 million today!!!   Over 70% of their production is sold in the States!

These sweet kiddos love a good car nap!
We made it back to Nice and showered before dinner at Le Plongeoir.   This was probably our favorite meal of the trip.   Not only because of the food, but the entire experience and scenery really put it over the top!   We timed our reservations perfectly with the sunset which was magical!

 We decided to walk home and check out the market at night.  I just love how Bobo and Ellie hold hands and whisper and giggle. 


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