Apr 28, 2011

Craft Night

Women will use ANY excuse to get together, have a glass of wine and gossip!  Well our newest excuse...Craft Night.  We tried to make a cake stand and used this platter tutorial as our inspiration.  The cake stand is made of a pizza pan and a candle stick found at the Dollar Store!  For a good craft night try the craft the night before to allow for fewer mistakes...
 make sure all your guest have their own supplies....
...and supply lots of wine and snacks!
 I only took a few pictures because I ended up with a lot of spray paint and glue on my hands...plus we were just having too much fun! 
Here is the finished product!
Ashley's turned out great...she measured and took her time unlike the rest of us!

I think they turned out pretty good!  Some definetely better than others:)  Can't wait for the next Craft Night...or any other excuse to get together with the girls!


  1. I didn't think of pizza pans! I've been wanting a larger top for larger snacks. I love this idea!

    Just today I made some dessert stands with candle sticks and some thrifted plates and a can of spray paint, but I held the spray paint can too close (because it was so windy outside!) and now I have really bad spray paint runs/drips. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it?