Apr 21, 2011

Supper Club with a Peanut Butter Torte

I went to my first Supper Club this week.  I wanted to make something yummy so I would get invited back so I went with a Peanut Butter Chocolate Torte.  These girls are so sweet and creative.
This month we grilled out with Turkey Burgers...yummy!  What a great way to get girls together and swap recipes! 

Great girls, great conversation, great wine and of course GREAT food! My Peanut Butter Torte was inspired from this recipe at One Perfect Bite.
***I used gluten free oreos, not chocolate wafers.  I also used 8 oz of cream cheese, not 12.
I used a potato masher to crush the cookies, added melted butter and molded it into a spring foam pan.
Make sure you follow the 10 min instructions or your crust will not turn out right.
While your waiting for your perfect oreo crust, make the fluffy peanut butter insides!
Combine the crust and insides and let refrigerate for at least 4 hours....overnight is better!
Make the chocolate topping...
Put the peanuts on top and let it refrigerate for another 30 min-1hour.  Serve chilled.
I will say it is hard to transport this beauty....I put it in a cake stand...in a basket and it still slid around.

Yes this cake is impressive looking and if you are a peanut butter lover like we are here at the Londry House, then you will Love this creation!  Thanks Traci for introducing me to so many wonderful new friends! Your the best!!
We also recently helped Ashley celebrate her birthday with a Mexican Fiesta party.  I am a sucker for themed parties and Ashley's husband Hunter did a great job incorporating all aspects of the party into the Fiesta theme.  They even had a donkey pinata.
 Here is me with Emily and the Birthday girl!
Happy Birthday to my newest follower:)

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