Jan 31, 2010

Birthdays and Snowy Weekend

We are back after a fun weekend full of snow and birthday celebrations in Charlotte.  First we celebrated Miriam's birthday.  We made yummy appetizers including homemade focaccia bread, Italian cheese wheels and olives.
For dinner we had Lobster and Fettuccine Alfredo.

For dessert I made Julia Child's Strawberry/Raspberry Bavarian Cream...really good, but way too complicated.
On Friday night, while we were asleep, it snowed several inches!  Ryan made some snowmen with the three little neighbors, while Riley played in the snow with Cody (Ryans parents dog).

We spent the rest of the day adventuring out into Charlotte and the snow filled streets.  We went to lunch at Big Daddys and then to Strike City for some bowling.  It was a wonderful day overall and we did not let the snow slow us down.
On Saturday night Ryan and I went to spend the night with Brian and Jennifer to celebrate Brian's birthday.  We had plans to go out, but the snow on the streets quickly turned to ice and we decided it was best to stay in.  Although I didn't take any pictures that night I know huge shock! we had a great time.  

We left early Sunday morning to head home.  We did not realize how bad the roads would be and had to take the "detour" several times due to traffic...but finally made it home safely.  We celebrated the third and final birthday of the weekend tonight, but I will post about later because this is already really long...Happy Birthday again everyone!!!  So glad we were a small part in your celebrations.

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