Jan 16, 2010

Breakfast Frittata

Let me start by saying my husband's family, "The Londry's", LOVE to cook...and they are all REALLY good at it. When we get together we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I love the planning, preparing, cooking and especially the eating that goes around the meal. A few weekends ago we were in Charlotte for New Years and a Panthers game. One morning Ryan's brother, Jared, came over and we all begged him to make his breakfast frittata. As he casually threw things together, Ryan and I paid close attention so that we could hopefully recreate this delicious morning treat. So last Saturday we decided we would give it a try, we still ended up calling him several times on the phone for advice, but much to our surprise it turned out great!!! Not exactly like Jared's, but still really good!

First get your ingredients together:

Here are the Herbes de Provence this recipe calls for:

Now preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Use a 10 inch oven safe saute pan.

Cook onion and sausage together on medium low until completely cooked. Add the olive oil and then the sliced mushrooms to the pan. Cook until the mushrooms are tender. Add the Herbes de Provence and Krazy Janes salt mix. I would suggest if you do not have Herbes de Provence you get some...it really makes this frittata and its great to have for Italian cooking. If not use a combo of your favorite seasonings. Then add spinach and diced tomato. Allow the spinach and tomato to saute for a few minutes until it looks close to this.

Then if you are not using a completely non-stick pan you will need to remove this mixture and spray your pan with non-stick spray. Now add the mixture back to pan.

In a bowl mix together the eggs, milk and 1/2 of both the cheeses. Add this egg/cheese mixture to the rest in the saute pan. Allow this to cook until the sides start to brown, about 5-8 minutes at medium-high heat. You will not need to stir this mixture. At this time you can add the other 1/2 of the cheese on top.

Place the pan in the oven and continue to cook for 10 minutes or until the egg completely cooks through. If you need to brown the top more you can turn on your broiler and cook for one additional minute on the top rack. Allow your frittata to cool for a minute so it is easy to cut and serve. Now eat and enjoy with a hot cup of coffee and some fruit. This makes enough for 4 generous protions, but we also enjoy the leftovers the next morning.

***You can also use ham instead of sausage, add more/less of the cheese or vegetables that you have on hand. Once you have the timing and the egg and milk amounts correct you can really play around with the rest of the ingredients.

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