Jan 28, 2010

Last weekend and a Greek Salad

Over the past two weeks we have been busy!  Two weekends ago we went to visit my family.  We took advantage of the weather and played outside.  I spent the afternoon driving the kids four wheeler with Zachary, my half bonus little brother.  Ryan played football with Jake, my 9 year old brother.

We love spending time with them, and wish they still lived 10 minutes down the street so we could see them more!  OK now fast forward to last weekend... Ryan went to Alabama for a meeting.  He is on the National Student Dental Research Board...yep that's my hubby:)  Anyways while he was there I went to visit my friend Caroline.  We had a great 24 hours packed with "girl time".  We went shopping, house hunting, and to a movie!  We were lucky that our husbands were out of town the same weekend so we could enjoy each others company. 
When Ryan came home he told me about this amazing meal he had that started with a greek salad.  We decided to try to make it.  What made this salad special was that the feta cheese was fried.  Seriously, how could that not be good?

Fried Feta:
I package of firm feta (not crumbled)
1 egg
splash of milk
handful of flour

Cut feta in large cubes.
Beat egg and milk in one bowl, flour in another.

Toss cheese in egg mixture.

Then in the flour.

Refridgerate for 30 minutes. Meanwhile get the rest of the salad together.  We used tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, and chicken.  We would include a little red onion next time, but I forgot to buy one didn't have any on hand.

Now heat oil (either canola oil or extra virgin olive oil) and fry the cheese.  Flip and make sure all sides are golden brown.  It wont take long so stay by the stove.

Now serve hot on top of the salad.  It is crazy good!


We also used the leftover cucumber and put it in a pitcher with cold water...like you get when you go to the spa.  It is very refreshing and if we didn't, the 1/3 of a cucumber would probably be forgotten and found moldy 2 weeks later not be used.   Hope you try this salad, it is easy and so yummy!

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  1. that is so going on my "meal list" for next week! Thanks for sharing!